How to Sail Through That Job Interview

If you have reached the interview stage, you have almost got the job. The key word is almost.  Your resume has done its task well and provided all the technical information about you – your skills and achievements and made a case for you for being the right candidate for the job. The interview, however, is not going to be about your resume or your skills or qualifications or achievements as much as it is going to be about you. It is your responsibility to prove yourself to be the right fit for the job. So what can you do to sail through that interview and land your dream job?

1. Research
You probably had shot your application through a job portal for several job openings. And one of them has hit the bull’s eye and you have been called for an interview. Elated though you may be, your first task is to find out more about who and what. Start your preparation for the interview by looking at the company website and read about their products and services, press releases, mission statement and any other relevant details. Also, use Wetfeet, CareerSearch, Vault, The Riley Guide, etc to find out more about your prospective employer.

2.  Check the Job Description
Double check the job description against your skills and qualifications to see how well you fit for the role. Remember that if you are going to land this job, it is what you would be doing and you should not be wanting to look for a change all too soon.  It does not have to be a 100 per cent match but definitely should be inline with your career path.

3.  Get Ready
In the interview you will be quizzed on your skills – analytical, logical, theoritical and on case studies. Go through your resume and recall the work or projects that you have worked on. Be prepared to answer in details any questions that you will be asked on the kind of work you have done. This is to gauge your level of work experience you have gained in the years. 

4.  Things You May Need
Have a look at the checklist of things such as copy of resume, proof of ID, photograph etc, that you may be required to bring for the interview. Do not embarass yourself and spoil your chances by forgetting any of the items required. Additionally, do not forget to pack in that portfolio of your work or samples that can give you the edge over others.

5.  What to Wear
First impressions matter a great deal in deciding what goes in your favour and what does not. And what you wear is imperial to creating first impressions. If you want to make a good and lasting first impression, prepare what you should wear to the interview. Neutral shades and formal shoes are your safest bet if you are unsure. More importantly, make sure your outfit is impeccable. If you take care to dress and pay attention to details, your interviewers know that you do the same at work.  

6.  What To Do
Once you have arrived at the venue, consider that you interview has begun. You might be observed for how are carrying yourself while you are waiting for your turn. Project confidence, smile and be at ease with yourself. Sit straight and be aware of your surroundings. Once inside, be in control of your non-verbal communication such as maintaining eye contact, returning a firm handshake, being attentive and using your facial expressions to express positivity.

7.  Follow-Up
Your interview is probably going to end with an open floor for questions that you may have for your interviewers. Do not pass this oppurtunity or ask questions whose answers you might have found in the company website. Instead, strategize and organise your thoughts to ask questions that were not discussed or clarified during the interview process.

Most importantly, be yourself for the interview. The more honest you are in the interview, the better you chances become of projecting yourself in the right light. Not only does that help you to showcase you skills but allows the interviewers to understand if you are suitable for their organization and job position.

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