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5 Pathways to Your Dream Job

Simplying sending your CV to a prospective employer through a website may not be enough to secure a job. And if you are eyeing a particular position with a certain employer, a little bit of preparation is sure to go a long way. Strategize your job search through these 5 ways and your are sure to get what you want.

1.  Match the Job Description
Check the job description in the advert before you send in your CV to see if the position advertised is suitable for you. At times, in desperation, candidates apply for roles for which they are not suited for. Before you apply, consider if the position will be good for your career. Avoid this pitfall and increase your chances of landing a job by applying for positions that are going to take your career forward.

2. Know What You Are Looking For 
Before you set out on the search for a job, create a list of skills or positiions that you think you are best suited for. This way you would have a direction at which you are spear heading your career to rather than going all over the place. At the same time, do not be too specific as you may lose out on openings where you have a fair chance of success. 

3.  Cover Letter
Always include a cover letter with your CV. Without a cover letter, your application is incomplete and may not even be considered. You can explain in a cover letter what you cannot in your CV – such as sabbaticals you may have taken or sudden job switches or even a career change. Always keep your cover letter and CV updated. For one, it is easier to brief on the work done while its still fresh on your mind and secondly, you won’t require additional time to produce your CV at the oppurtune moment.

4.  Networking
The one thing that always works is networking. Build relationships and create networks when you attend seminars, workshops etc, or even through informal channels. LinkedIn and other related sites can grow an effective network for you. Remember that not all jobs are advertised and opprtunities can come calling anytime. Make sure that you have created the pathway to get to you. 

5.  Stay Informed 
If there is a certain employer or business you wish to join, keep abreast with happenings in that firm. That way you will stay informed on their business practices and news about expansion plans, new requirements, etc. At the same time, you would know if it is a good idea to join the company if it is poised for mergers or is going to be acquired by another company.

Opportunities are aplenty if you go in search of them in a systematic manner. And it is with thorough preparation that you can find and land the job of your dreams. Lastly, have patience as good things take their own time to arrive.

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